Here you can find out more about the foundation of our association


And what exactly does Sport 4 Development e.V. do?


"SPORT 4 DEVELOPMENT" - at first that sounds like a very broad field of activity. And it is and that is why we have specialized in supporting projects in this major field.

Sport 4 Development e.V. was founded in 2016, at that time under the name ANOPA e.V.

The association started as an initiative of former volunteers of the ANOPA Project. Development cooperation through sport in Cape Coast, Ghana should continue to be supported from Germany even after the official end of the 2015 project of the previous partner of ANOPA.


We support the work of our international partners especially in organizational challenges. These include above all the areas of scientific monitoring and expansion of evidence-based work, which is also known as monitoring & evaluation. The application process of volunteers and interns for international projects, which we support, are further tasks of the association S4D e.V.. We also acquire sponsors for national initiatives and international NGOs. Moreover, we submit project proposals for joint projects with our international partners and can inform them about other ways of acquiring funds for projects in the context of "sport for development".


The association Sport 4 Development e.V. has its roots in Cologne and is therefore excellently networked with the local sports institutions and stakeholders in the field of development cooperation through sports.


If you have further questions for us or if you are interested in a cooperation, you can contact us using the contact form.