ANOPA Project

ANOPA is an acronym which stands for the Ghanaian proverb "Agoro Ne Obrapa". That means "play for a better life" translated from the local language Twi. ANOPA Project is one of the flagship organizations in Ghana when it comes to the synergy of the approaches "sport development" and "sport for development". The NGO was founded in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2010 and has had a strong connection to German sports institutions, especially from the NRW region, which can also be seen in the logo design of ANOPA.


At ANOPA, sport is used as an instrument to address and ultimately improve social problems in the region. ANOPA is also one of the national pioneers and strongest stakeholders in the field of swimming sport development. Other sports that the NGO offers for the different target groups are mainly basketball and football. More information is available here on the ANOPA website.


Sport 4 Development e.V. officially started its work in 2016 as an association of former interns and volunteers of the ANOPA project as well as other young people from Germany who wanted to get involved in the area of "Sport for Development". At that time the association was still called "ANOPA e.V.", which means that the connection to Cape Coast is of course very strong.


We are not only connected by our common past, but above all by our passion for sport as a development tool. We support ANOPA continuously with the acquisition and coordination of applicants for internship and volunteer positions. Thanks to our good network with sports institutions, we are also responsible for organizing and handing over donations. With expertise in various areas of sports development, we are also at ANOPA's side with advice and action when it comes to the further development of the NGO.


We carried out an official joint sports project in Cape Coast, Ghana from 2019 to 2020. The aim of the project was to achieve a positive influence on the self and external perception of disabilities through inclusive sports. The project was co-financed by Engagement Global, which were granted to us after applying for it.