As a volunteer, you support our partner organization and our projects, above all in the planning and implementation of the sports offer. It is therefore an advantage if you have already gained experience in guiding sports groups.


There are many, mostly commercial, providers that offer short-term volunteer service trips. This concept is known as "voluntourism". As an association, we would like to distance ourselves significantly from this approach for a variety of reasons. Above all, we see no added value in short-term volunteer services for you and neither for our partner organizations. In addition, the countries in which the NGOs are located are often completely new to you in terms of culture, people, the climate, etc. It can be a very nice and exciting experience. However, many young people also need a certain period of familiarization and acclimatization. We therefore advocate a minimum stay of three months with our partner organizations.


In contrast to an internship, as a volunteer you basically have a little more time for your personal leisure activities in the countries of our partner organizations.


As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to get accommodation directly from our partner organizations. Most of the time volunteers may need to pay a small amount of money to cover the costs for rent, electricity, water and internet. This amount currently varies between € 150 - € 300 per month depending on the period and location. Please contact us by e-mail for more detailed information. In principle, we nor our partner organizations generally have the financial means to cover the costs of volunteers such as salaries, flights, transportation, visa, vaccinations, etc. The main reason for this is that the available funds are supposed to be used locally so that they benefit the children and adolescents, who often come from poor social and income backgrounds.

However, there is the possibility for young people who are planning to go abroad to receive financial support, e.g. in the form of a scholarship. We are happy to help you and give you information about the existing offers.