Carla Thole is the 1st board member of the association. Her main tasks are the recruitment of interns and volunteers for partner organisations, as well as project management.



"Even in my youth, I worked with children and was active in various social contexts. This interaction with young people enriched me even then and working for the association gives me the opportunity to be part of a positive change in the world today. It also combines my various passions for sports and intercultural exchange. I was particularly influenced by my internship stay in Ghana, where I was able to gain practical experience in the context of 'Sport for Development'."


Tobias Antoni is a founding member and 2nd board member of the association. He supports Carla in project management and implementation through his many years of experience in the association. 


"Due to my practical and academic background in the context of 'sport for development', I contribute to the club in various areas. Above all, my experience in Ghana in the school and extracurricular sports context has left a lasting impression on me. I have personally experienced what sport is like Has the potential to bring about positive change in so many aspects. I would like to pass this on through my work in the club. "

Josephine Zielbauer is responsible for the marketing of our association.


"Getting to know and working with people from other cultures interested me from an early age. That's why I worked a lot in subcultural teams, especially in the areas of marketing and management. I am fascinated by the development of children and young people through structured sports activities."

Max Handke is the treasurer of our association. Through his previous work in the field of integration through sport at local level, Max also shares his practical experience with us in the club, which is of great importance for the achievement of our goals.