x-suba sport4development


X-SUBA is an acronym and stands for X-Street Uganda Basketball Academy. The NGO is based in Jinja, Uganda, and was founded in 2013. The aim of the measures is to mobilize disadvantaged children and adolescents in Uganda's municipalities through game and sport-based leisure activities and to strengthen their personal development. In addition to basketball, other sports such as football and netball are also offered today.


On the Facebook page of X-SUBA you can get an idea of the current projects and activities.


There are currently three overarching goals - “Sport4Health”, “Sport4YouthMentorship” and “Sport4OurEnvironment”.


"Sport4Health" aims on the one hand to lead a healthier life through sport, but also to educate young people about health and educational issues (e.g. HIV and malaria prevention).

"Sport4YouthMentorship" pursues the goal of developing a new generation of young people through the participation, integration and assignment of responsibility within the projects. Participants should use sports and games to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to problems in the community.

"Sport4OurEnvironment" puts the environmental awareness of children and young people at the center of the projects. Educational and practical methods are also to be used here to work on the topic in and through sport.

There are different operating areas. On the one hand, activities and interventions are offered in collaboration with schools . On the other hand, there is a “Learning Center”, where children can receive tutoring classes in the evenings. The "Team Meetings" and "Connection Days" are held on Saturdays. The meeting is about bringing the whole team together and discussing upcoming projects and tasks. The “Connection Day” is intended to bring participants from different projects together and encourage them to do sports together.


We are planning an official one-year sports project for children and young people with and without disabilities in 2020 in Jinja, Uganda. The project aims to use inclusive sports (football, netball and basketball) to positively influence children and adolescents between the ages of 8 and 18 in their personal development and the self-perception and external perception of disability. In addition, workshops are to be held in schools that address inclusion and disability, inform about it, educate and raise awareness. Our main tasks will be fundraising, co-financing and scientific evaluation. We would also like to support X-SUBA for the project by recruiting interns / volunteers. If the project description appeals to you, please contact us by email. You can find more information about the framework conditions at our partner organizations under Volunteer / Interns.